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Peter North - The Biggest Cumshots in Porn
Peter's Porn Videos
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This guy is just unreal. How he manages to unload such massive squirts of man goo, I have no idea. But he launches such a giant stream of spooge that it is astonishing. If you like to see hot babes getting totally awash in jism, then take a look at his site. He has some sample videos that will just blow your mind. Unless, of course, you can also do this. In which case you might want to get your ass down to Chatsworth, CA, where the porn industry is pretty much headquartered, and get yourself auditioned. Not a bad career move if you have the stuff. If you can avoid any STD's, then you could have a pretty fun job!

But this site truly does kick some ass. You get full access to about a twenty other paysites (all done by the same company) when you join Peter's Cumshots, and ironically, it is one of those other sites that holds the bulk of Peter's Videos. It is called Club Peter North, and it has about a hundred DVD's on it, and you can download them all. The main series is the North Pole series, which has about 40 DVD's, so you can download 250 scenes from those! Man that is just awesome. Add to that about 100 scenes from his "Deep Throat" series, and you are at almost 400 scenes. It fucking rocks. The videos are not quite full screen quality. A few were really nice at 2000k/sec, but most were about seven hundred k a second, which gets kinda fuzzy at full screen.

The 20 or so other sites you get are similar it that they all have downloadable porn videos, but they each have there own theme, so there is a lot of variety.  There is a site all about group huge cumshots, so there are some amazingly messy facials on that one (only about 25, though). So loads here to choose from, not just cum shots. Lots to satisfy you no matter what you are in the mood for. And if you are into cum swallowing, they have a ton of videos of that two. In fact, they have two whole sites that are dedictated to it as free bonus site included in the BrainPass network.


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Here you can find our latest rants, raves, reviews, and assorted bullshit in regards to all things related to cumshots. Mostly links to free videos and paysite reviews, but occasionally other things. It is hard to get philosophical about this kinds of stuff, but you never know. I might have a breakthrough and need to pass on some stunning information that the porn sufer will need ASAP! But I doubt it.


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